Faces of the Cape Fear River

Check out our Faces of the Cape Fear River Campaign by our interns!

The following shots are from Lizzy Bankowski, Spring 21016 internship!

Lee S
“The Cape Fear River provides me a place where I can relax from a hard week at school or work. It is a meeting place for my friends and family to come together. It’s a place to make memories.” -Lee Stapleton

“I interned with the Cape Fear River Watch and I got to work with a lot of middle school-aged kids. Seeing them get so excited about learning about the Cape Fear River showed me that I definitely chose the right career path.”
-Bridget Callahan

“Nature is incredibly robust but also extremely delicate. Humanity has the power to either protect it or destroy it. And without it, humanity can’t exist.” -Amanda Case

“We were visiting our daughter at UNCW and we went to the Riverwalk one night. Something clicked. We had been wanting to make a change in our lives and we could tell this was the next step for us.”
-Charlotte and Drew Bankowski

“Water is life.” -Katie Bradley

“Every time I go across the bridge into Wilmington, I stare at my city across the Cape Fear River and just smile. I’m home.” -Jillian Carney


“As a director, I’m constantly looking for unique and beautiful locations. The sets and backdrops themselves are actors as well that play a role. The Cape Fear River always plays an important role, as its backdrop is incredibly unique and adds so much quality to the film I’m trying to capture.” -Tyler Ferraro

“When I first came to UNCW, I would get homesick every now and then. But back home in Lexington, NC, we don’t have anything like the Riverwalk. When I visit the river, I don’t feel homesick. I feel peaceful.” -Cara Comer


“I have so many memories that took place by the Cape Fear River. Family dinners, July 4th celebrations, Azalea festivals, and the list goes on. The Cape Fear River has been a major part of my twenty-one years living in Wilmington.” -Daylon Grubb

“Some of the happiest moments of my life have been spent kayaking the Cape Fear River. I’m awed by its long history and its grandeur. I’m grateful to the good people of CFRW who fight with valor to keep the source of our drinking water clean.” -Virginia Holman


“Fishes are cool. Water is cool. Let’s keep them healthy.” -Adam O’Neill

“The Cape Fear River is a magnificent and mysterious gift from God, we must never forget to appreciate it and respect it!” -Capt. Jot Owens

The following shots are from Aris Harding, Summer 2016 internship!

“Growing up I have always been a huge fan of the water! I love exploring new places along Cape Fear and hope to educate future students on the importance of water sustainability and inspire them to take action in the community”– Kirsten Gaje

“After two years rowing on the Cape Fear, I’ve grown accustomed to river sunrises. It changes the day, for the better, when you come face-to-face with how pretty the world is” – Jozelyn Herrick.

“I love the Cape Fear River for the countless winding river we have to observe and explore. With my interest in climate change, there is an extraordinary and delicate ecosystem full of fresh and salt water, and wildlife that is constantly being altered by changes in our climate. As an advocate for a more open acceptance of sea level ‘rise’ in the state of North Carolina, the Cape Fear River stands as a great indicator for what’s to come for our coastal areas” – Will Maxwell.

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“To me, the Cape Fear embodies the rich history of its basin. I think it’s crazy how a river is able to unite a community” – Grace Bostic.