The Cape Fear River Partnership

The Cape Fear River Partnership was formed in 2011 with a vision of a healthy Cape Fear River for fish and people. The partnership’s mission is to restore and demonstrate the value of robust, productive, and self-sustaining stocks of migratory fish in the Cape Fear River. Building on the momentum of the newly constructed fish passage at Lock & Dam #1, this partnership of key federal, state, local, academic, and other organizations in the region is working together on this multi-year action plan. Using a broad range of tools and capabilities, we seek to provide long-term, habitat-based solutions for the most pressing challenges for migratory fish.The partnership strives to measure achievement of our mission with the following targets: increased fish populations (as measured by catch-per-unit efforts, improved age structure, and other techniques), increased recreational fishing success for shad, striped bass, and river herring (as measured by creel surveys), and a re-opened striped bass and river herring harvest in the Cape Fear River.

 Links for the Partners

The Cure for the Cape Fear

NOAA released a new feature on the roles NOAA has played in the Cape Fear River Basin. This interactive story can be found on the NOAA Office of Habitat Conservation Cape Fear River Partnership webpage. Check out the story to see an overview of:

  • Declining fish populations in the Cape Fear River Basin
  • NOAA’s role in the start of the Cape Fear River Partnership
  • NOAA’s role in the development of the Cape Fear River Action Plan for Migratory Fish
  • NOAA funded projects in the basin
  • Future work in the Cape Fear

Cape Fear River Partnership ‘cloud’ of resources

The Nature Conservancy set up a cloud site where all can locate the general Cape Fear River Partnership files. Melanie Harris moved all the main files with partner contact information and past meeting notes to this cloud. The Team Leads and coordinator use this site as a resource and all partners can access the site at HERE!

Partnership Efforts & Research

North Carolina Barrier Prioritization Tool

 Cape Fear Community Benefits Website