STOPPED Titan Cement!!!

UPDATE: March 10, 2016 Titan Cement pulls out of the Cape Fear area!!!


Cape Fear River Watch WAS strongly opposed to the proposed Titan Cement plant. The coal powered kiln and open pit mine would have been the fourth largest cement manufacturing facility in the US. Greek owned Titan Cement hoped to build this facility on the fragile banks of the Northeast Cape Fear River near the mouth of Island Creek. The impacts to surface and ground water, human health, air quality, and our economy of such a project would have been devastating to our community, but thanks to many groups and individuals that came together to understand the problem, Titan Cement has left the area!

November 2015 Update

As you may know Cape Fear River Watch, along with our partners in the Stop Titan Action Network, and represented by the Southern Environmental Law Center challenged the NC Division of Air Quality issuance of Titan Cement’s air permit. We challenged it because the permit did not consider the human health impacts and environmental consequences of the enormous amount of pollution that Titan’s proposed facility would emit into OUR community’s air (and eventually water). Our state environmental protection agency, the NC Department of Environmental Quality sided with the polluter, again, as they have done so much lately. They argued that citizens did not have the right to challenge permits issued under the authority of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts. You read that right – the state argued against its citizens and the environment and for polluters! And they are wrong. 100% dead wrong.

And we aren’t the only ones who know this. Recently the US Environmental Protection Agency warned the state in a letter that the ruling “cast serious doubt on whether North Carolina’s authorized NPDES and CAA/PSD programs can satisfy the minimum requirements for citizen access to judicial review of environmental permits going forward.” And further, “under section 402(c)(3) of the Clean Water Act, the EPA has authority the withdraw a state’s NPDES program authorization if the state is not implementing its program in accordance with federal statutory requirements.”

Check out the article below on this issue and as you read consider what it means when the state agency that is supposed to protect NC citizens and our environment is arguing against citizen input and for weakened regulations on the worst of the worst polluters in our state. Things need to change. Check out the article here 

Why is cement production negative for a community?

Cement manufacturing is one of the dirtiest industries on the planet, and a plant of this scale in our region would cause:

  • Destruction of thousands of acres of wetlands.
  • A lowering of the water table and possible contamination of our aquifer.
  • Significant emissions of toxic air pollution including mercury, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, nitrous oxide, and a long list of others.  This information comes from Titan’s air permit.
  • Severe health impacts, especially for young children and seniors with heart and lung sensitivity.  Read a SUMMARY of the health impact summary here.
  • Major increases in the amount of heavy truck and train traffic.

New Hanover County is the second smallest, second most densely populated county in the state and we already have the second poorest air quality according the EPA figures. We don’t need another heavy polluter here.

Titan is not the kind of neighbor we want – that much is obvious from the way they treat our community. They concealed their plans from citizens and demanded $4.5 million dollars in incentives, which they later returned when the money came with the requirement that the project receive a comprehensive environmental review. They sued our citizens when we spoke out with our concerns about the proposal and the company. They sued the EPA to have environmental regulations weakened so they could emit even more pollution into our air and water.  Their numerous violations at other facilities demonstrates their lack of concern with following environmental regulations designed to protect citizens.

Our environment is what makes the Lower Cape Fear Region so special.  It’s why we love it here and our future depends on how we protect and improve it. Over 13,000 of our citizens have signed The Stop Titan PETITION.  And over 200 local physicians agree: Titan Cement is bad news for our region.

Download and read our full length position paper on Titan Cement here.

Please visit the Stop Titan website for extensive, fact-based information about the impacts Titan Cement could have on our region.