Educational Programs


Enviroscape® is a teaching resource that demonstrates how pollutants contaminate our waterways, as well as their adverse affects on water quality and health. It also demonstrates the effect of land use on storm water runoff and pollutant mitigation, highlighting the differences between pervious surfaces (e.g., fields, lawns, etc.) and impervious surfaces (e.g., roads, parking lots, driveways).

The model also teaches the difference between point-source pollution and non-point-source pollution. Point-source pollution originates from an easily identifiable source – for example, a factory pipe. Pollutants from a pipe can be traced back directly to the source. Non-point-source pollution, however, does not have an easily identifiable origin. Litter is one example. We can see its presence within the watershed, yet cannot say exactly from where it came (e.g., we don’t have any way of knowing whether a food wrapper was thrown from a car, or if the wind blew it from a picnic table, etc.)

The Enviroscape® presentation lasts about one hour, including questions and answers and can be presented in schools or at CFRW Headquarters (617 Surry St). Kids love it, and adults do, too! Call us to schedule a presentation today – 910-762-5606.

Educational Tours

Educational tours, appropriate for kids of all ages, take participants on a walk around a portion of Greenfield Lake. There are several stations set up along the route designed to deliver information about the lake, its inhabitants (plants and animals) and the negative effects of pollution on the lake. During the tour, we always keep an eye out for alligators, anhinga and other aquatic animals of interest to engage the kids and make the learning experience more fun!

Tours are by appointment only. Call us at 910-762-5606 and book yours today!