Don’t Feed the Wildlife

Feeding the wildlife can be very harmful to the animals, the environment, and people. When animals consume foods other than what is found in their natural diet they can become weakened and very sick. Human food products do not contain all of the vitamins and minerals which are time tested and essential to the health and vitality of the animal.

Feeding waterfowl can alter migration cycles! Ever wonder why we now host Canadian Geese year round? That’s due to the fact that the geese have found a constant food supply here. Our native ducks now have to compete with these larger more aggressive birds. Waterfowl feeding can also cause a population explosion which in turn leads to unhealthy bacteria concentrations in our waterways. Such bacteria include e-coli which can be spread to humans! Adding all these extra bacterial ingredients to our waters also promotes algae. Water bodies overgrown with algae have less oxygen in the water for fish and many more aquatic weeds. When fish have no oxygen to breathe…sadly they die!

Feeding alligators can be dangerous to your health! When alligators learn that humans are associated with food they tend to want to hang out in areas where humans are. This encourages them to lose their healthy natural fear of humans and puts alligators in harm’s way. Alligators who are hanging out around humans can be deemed as a nuisance and are usually captured and relocated or destroyed. They can also become aggressive and harm people and their pets. In North Carolina feeding alligators in the wild is also ILLEGAL under NC Statute 113-291.11. For your safety and the safety of the animals, never feed the wildlife!