4th Saturday CreekWatchers Program


The CreekWatchers Program was established to protect the Cape Fear River and its tributaries through regular inspection and monitoring by volunteers. The main duty of a CreekWatcher is to promptly identify and report threats and impacts to the health of the watershed and surrounding ecosystems. By volunteering to be a CreekWatcher, you will become the eyes and ears of the creeks; helping to make a difference in the water quality of our area.

CreekWatchers are provided with monitoring observation forms to use. A CreekWatcher manual will be provided to all volunteers. The monitoring forms are reviewed by CFRW staff. We will pass along information or investigate things further as needed. The monitoring forms are a valuable informational resource. CreekWatchers are not policing their areas, but volunteers should call in any suspicious conditions.


CreekWatchers Responsibilities:

1) Attend a training session

2) Adopt a creek

3) Monitor the creek at varying times during the year

If you would like to get involved please email the CreekWatcher Program Manager – Kay Lynn at KayLynn@cfrw.us