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Now Hiring!

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We are hiring!

Cape Fear River Watch (CFRW) is seeking an enthusiastic people oriented person to work part-time year round at the Greenfield Boathouse in Wilmington, NC and also to lead area cleanups the second Saturday of each month in the Wilmington area. Email your resume’ and three references to Cape Fear River Watch ( by Friday March 6th. The details for this position follow:

Paid Hours

• 20-24 hours per week
• Volunteers, interns or other CFRW staff will cover hours beyond 20-24 hours per week.

Greenfield Lake Boathouse Duties
• Boathouse is generally open from 11 am to 5 pm, 7 days per week, weather permitting.
• Open & close (lock/unlock) the main facility for 5 of the 7 days per week of operation.
• Inspect for safety concerns and hazards around premises each day prior to operation of facility.
• Inspect and remove any debris or trash from the visible lakeshore to the left and right of the boathouse.
• Before each day of operation, verify that there is adequate and correct amount of change for the day based on frequency of visitors (extra on Saturdays and Sundays).
• Hang up life jackets, appropriate signs, flags, and banners for operations.

• Boat maintenance
o After inspection of boats, if dangerous element found, remove boat from line to the closed dock for repair as soon as time allows.
o If aesthetic issue is found, assess the level of time and resources needed to fix the issue and address accordingly:
o If issue cannot be resolved, make note of it to bring up with supervisor for proper fund allocation.
o If issue can be resolved but is not a major issue, wait until time allows and complete repairs.
o Check all paddler boat rudders for proper movement and stress test canopies, pedal bearings, and steering elements to assure they are in proper working condition. If issue is found, resolve as previously stated.

• Dock maintenance
o Check all boards to see if any are loose. If loose board is found, screw it in immediately.
o Check all areas to assure that no dangerous objects are protruding from any surface.
o Keep individuals who are not being escorted to a boat behind the wrought iron fence. This includes anyone who wishes to take pictures. Fishing from the docks is not allowed.
o Keep work area clean and organized.
o Kayaks and canoes should be stored safely and organized.
o Take out recycling and trash when necessary and keep storage area clean.

• Deal with customers as they call and arrive for boat ride services calmly and politely.
• Coordinate with intern supervisor their schedules for boathouse assistance.
• Train any volunteers or interns interested in assisting at the boathouse.
• Maintain an accurate log of customers and keep track of money safely and responsibly each day, as well as maintaining vigilance to keep others from compromising customer, volunteer, and the money’s safety, as well as safety to the facility and property.
• If more than $200 is collected in a day, make arrangements for the money to be taken to the CFRW office.
• Deal with all safety and misconduct issues calmly and according to your discretion.
• Launch and retrieve all kayaks and canoes by yourself or with the assistance of volunteers and interns. Don’t allow customers to launch and retrieve kayaks and canoes.

Second Saturday of the Month Cleanups, 8:30 to 11:30 am

• Determine time, location, and method of removal for each clean-up site and notify the appropriate contract administrator at least 2 months in advance.
o Arrive early to clean-up event and lead volunteers until area is clean.
o Cleanup locations are based on the stormwater map provided by the contract administrator.
• Provide the needed supplies for cleanup, e.g. gloves, pickers, and trash bags.
• Complete a write-up including pictures of each clean-up within ten days of completion following the standard template that will be provided.

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Saving our water one kid at a time!

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Thanks to our intern Jessica Stitt we have a wonderful IndeGoGo Campaign to support our Environmental Education Program!
Check it out here –
It is a great overview of some of the Education Programs we are currently operating.

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The Art Brownell Fellowship Fund

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As many of you may know, we have lost one of our most dedicated and passionate members of our Cape Fear River family. In April, we lost Arthur W. Brownell, a champion of the Cape Fear River and a driving force behind the restoration of our river’s fishery. Art was an exceptional man. His deep understanding of the importance of environmental conservation was developed throughout a lifetime of work and experience in the field.

He grew up in the Boston area, and his love of the outdoors and fishing began at an early age. He joined the Massachusetts Department of Natural Resources and worked his way to the top of that organization in just eighteen years. He then worked in governmental affairs for International Paper and was that organization’s interface with Congress on environmental issues for over twenty years.

His lifetime accomplishments are extensive and include helping to establish the Cape Cod National Seashore, working on the clean-up of Boston Harbor, forming numerous conservation commissions, serving as Vice President and President of Cape Fear River Watch, serving as Treasurer and President of the Cape Fear Men’s Club, and being elected to the New Hanover County Soil and Water Conservation Board of Supervisors in 2012.

Art took a love of the outdoors and turned it into a lifelong commitment to protect and improve the waterways and forests that he knew were so important. Cape Fear River Watch benefitted enormously from his leadership over the years. He asked tough questions, gave wise advice, took calculated risks, was always there ready to help, and pushed us to be the best organization that we could be.

Art is survived by his wife of 51 years, Helen Brownell; two daughters, Sandra Brownell and Debra Bense, Debra’s husband Ron and daughter Juliana; as well as his nephew Paul Dunn.

Here at Cape Fear River Watch we individually and collectively find great inspiration by looking back at Art’s well-lived life. As a way of honoring Art’s commitment to conservation and his tireless efforts to restore the Cape Fear River fishery, Cape Fear River Watch is establishing The Art Brownell Fellowship. This fellowship will be funded as an annual internship at Cape Fear River Watch in support of fishery restoration in the Cape Fear River, and it will be awarded to an exceptional undergraduate or graduate student selected by the Cape Fear River Watch Board of Directors. The recipient will be announced each year at the StriperFest banquet.

We know that Art would be honored to see that his vision and work within Cape Fear River Watch to restore the fishery is being continued and improved with the addition of a fellowship dedicated to that goal. We are also confident that the students who are awarded this fellowship will benefit from a deeper understanding of the importance of conservation and fisheries just as Art did. Finally, we take comfort in knowing that “our” river and its fishery will continue to benefit from Art’s legacy for many years to come.

If you would like to contribute to the Art Brownell Fellowship Fund please click here.


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Official 2015 Striperfest Schedule!

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StriperFest 2015!
January 16th – 17th is our fabulously fishy StriperFest!
Here is your official schedule of events, all will take place at the Coastline Convention Center!

January 16th – Friday night at 6pm kicks off our event with our Auction and Banquet!
Bid on vacation packages, boating equipment, unique art pieces, local restaurant packages and much more all while enjoying a catered dinner and great friends.

January 17th – Saturday morning at 9 am is Boats Away in our one of a kind Tag & Release Striped Bass Fishing Tournament! Be there to catch the live action and then stick around for a ton of fun activities!

10:00 AM – Cape Fear River Fisheries Science Forum

11am – 2pm – Education Day!
Education is an important component successful fishery restoration. Our fun activities focus on the Cape Fear River’s incredible anadromous fish and the importance of restoring our fishery restoration. Come on out and bring the kids to participate in activities like: Face Painting, Casting Lessons, Microscope Fun, Arts and Crafts, Fish Printing, Fish Anatomy and Much More!

11am-2pm – Boat Trips!
All aboard the Wilmington Water Tours Boat “The Wilmington” for a wonderful guided tour up the Cape Fear River! Registration links and time schedule coming SOON!

12:00 Noon – Jot Owens Fishing Workshop
Captain Jot Owens will be giving a FREE Cape Fear River Striped Bass Fishing Seminar starting at 12pm. This seminar will go over tactics for fishing for Cape Fear River Striped Bass; what lures, what tides, where to fish, tackle and more… This seminar will last about 45 minutes to an hour.

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Annual Report!

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View our Annual report to see all of the wonderful things we have accomplished!

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f you have information about pollution being spilled, dumped or discharged into the storm drainage system, which includes storm drains, ditches, swales, creeks, lakes, ponds, streets, or directly into a waterway, please


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