Second Saturday Clean Ups

Help us keep our community clean!
Clean ups are brought to you by
Cape Fear River Watch in in partnership
with Keep New Hanover Beautiful!

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Clean Up Locations 2017

All clean ups take place on the Second Saturday of each month, unless otherwise noted. Trash pickers, trash bags, and gloves are always provided. If the location requires, we will provide a couple kayaks and a canoe. Please arrive early if you would like to use one! Bring boots if you have them, our locations are usually muddy. Check the list below for details on each location.

 Thanks for helping keep our river clean!

January 21st, 9 -11am– *Clean-up will take place on THIRD SATURDAY due to Striperfest (1-21-16). We will clean the drainage ditch behind Jacksons BBQ. Please wear boots, the ditch is not deep, but may be muddy. If we finish early, we will move down the street to another location. As always, gloves, pickers, and trash bags will be provided. For map click here. *Parking available behind Atlantic Appliance & Hardware

February 11th, 9 – 11am– We will be cleaning Burnt Mill Creek, section located at the end of Shirley Rd. off of 23rd Street. We will be focusing on the creek itself, using watercrafts to sweep up as much as possible. We will be providing canoes and kayaks for this clean up. If you’d like to use one, please arrive early. All other volunteers will work from the bank. Wear boots! As always, gloves, pickers, and trash bags will be provided. See you out there! Map here –
*Parking will be available at the dead end, LOOK FOR SIGNS!

March- Two Clean-Ups!
Date: 3-11-17
Time: 9:00 AM – 11:00AM
Location: McCumbers Ditch (From Rankin St. to Graveyard Bridge) Area contains steep ditches. Please bring rake/pool scooper if available. A few will be provided.  Please bring waders/boots if available. A couple kayaks and canoe will be available for use.
*Parking available at Calvary Cemetery. Look for signs!

Date: 3-25-17
Time: 9:00 AM- 11:00 AM
Location: The city of Leland plans to build a park on a lot that is heavily trashed. The lot lays adjacent to Sturgeon Creek. We will be hauling out scrap wood and other smaller items from the lot’s perimeter. As always, gloves, pickers and bags will be provided. Please wear boots and bring heavy duty work gloves if possible.
*Parking will be available on the lot itself. Look for signs!

April 8th, 2017
Time: 9-11am
Location: We will be sweeping Greenfield Lake from the bank and water! We will be meeting at the Greenfield Lake Boathouse.
Kayaks, canoes, and paddle-boats will be available for use for folks wanting to sweep from the water. If you’d like to use one, please arrive 15- 20 minutes early. As always, gloves, pickers, bags, and water will be provided. Please bring your own water bottle!

Parking is available adjacent to the tennis courts. The Boathouse is past the bathrooms, lakeside. MAP

May 13th, 9-11AM – We will be cleaning the wetland area on Medical Center Dr, behind the Hess Station and Bojangles. As always gloves, pickers, trash bags, and water will be provided- bring you own bottle! A couple pairs of waders will also be available for use. Parking will be available at The Children’s Learning Center, and along Silver Stream Dr.  Map here!

June 10th, 9-11am – Kerr Avenue wetland. If we finish early, we will continue to ditch behind Jackson’s BBQ. Map here.  *Parking will be available behind the Trolly Stop on Fountain Dr.


August 12th, 9-11am– Randall Pond. We will be cleaning the perimeter of the pond on foot, and also picking up from the water. We will provide a few kayaks and canoes for this clean-up. If you’d like one please show up 10-15 minutes early.
Map: *Parking available at Ann McCrary Park

Pink Trash of Wilmington has provided us with recycling bins and recycling service for our 2016 Clean Ups! Check out their website here!