First Saturday Seminars

First-Saturday Seminars

CFRW hosts a FREE Educational Seminar by a guest lecturer the first Saturday of every month at Cape Fear River Watch Headquarters, located at 617 Surry Street. Seminars cover a diverse variety of topics, including local history, local birds, geology, fisheries, etc. We serve a FREE pancake breakfast at 8am and the seminar starts at 9am.  (But you can always bring a few bucks for the donation jar!)

2016 Schedule

  • February 6th – Our speaker was Chris Fonvielle and his topic was Fort Anderson.
  • March 5th – Andy Gould with NC Aquarium Fort Fisher will be presenting at the March  First Saturday Seminar and his topic will be Frog Watch. (The same day at the Cape Fear Museum he will be offering the full Frog Watch class from 12 to 4pm. Participants who take the full class at the Museum will be certified as volunteers for FrogWatch USA.
  • April 2nd – Join us April 2nd as we welcome Bonnie Monteleone. Her topic is Plastic Ocean Project – Gut Plastic?
    Plastic marine debris has been recently labeled the “apex predator” of the sea, killing more marine life than any other marine organism. Find out how plastic has earned that title and what Plastic Ocean Project, UNCW, and PK Clean Technology are doing about it.
  • May 7th – Our speaker will be Melanie Doyle and her topic will be invasive species.
  • June 4th – Our speaker will be Walker Golder and his topic will be Colonial Nesting Waterbirds.
  • July 2nd – Our speaker is our very own Riverkeeper Kemp Burdette and he will be talking about his 200 mile paddling trip down the Cape Fear River.
  • August 6th – Our speaker will be Roger Shew and his topic is:
    Environmental Treasures and Issues in Southeastern NC
    For each natural treasure (Cape Fear River, Beaches, Ecosystems), there are stressors (water quality and quantity, sea level rise, development) that may impact their quality and benefits to the community. This will be a look at both the beauty and benefits of our natural areas and resources but also some of the issues facing them.
  • September 3rd – Our speaker will be Jill Peleuses and her topic will be Fall Migratory Birds.
  • October 1st –  Our speaker will be Andy Wood and his topic is:Eye of Newt and Wart of Toad: Halloween Icons In Our Backyard.
  • November 5th – Jill Peleuses will join us again to discuss winter birds.
  • December 3rd -Our speaker is Dawn York and her topic will be: Restoring Migratory Fish in the Cape Fear River – Persistence is Key2017
  • January  – NO First Saturday Seminar, instead join us on 1/14 at StriperFest at the Coastline Convention Center for a Striped Bass Forum.
  • February 4th –   Jot Owens, Striped bass fishing tactics in the Cape Fear River
  • March 4th Jim Kapetsky,  The Legacy of Tidewater Rice Farming Along the Lower Cape Fear River as a Cultural Heritage and as Extensive Fish and Shellfish Habitat
  • April 1st – Charley Winterbauer, Bird Friendly Habitat


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