First Saturday Seminars

First-Saturday Seminars

CFRW hosts a FREE Educational Seminar by a guest lecturer the first Saturday of every month at Cape Fear River Watch Headquarters, located at 617 Surry Street. Seminars cover a diverse variety of topics, including local history, local birds, geology, fisheries, etc. We serve a FREE pancake breakfast at 8am and the seminar starts at 9am.  (But you can always bring a few bucks for the donation jar!)

2017 Schedule

  • January  – NO First Saturday Seminar, instead join us on 1/14 at StriperFest at the Coastline Convention Center for a Striped Bass Forum.
  • February 4th –   Jot Owens, Striped bass fishing tactics in the Cape Fear River
  • March 4th Jim Kapetsky,  The Legacy of Tidewater Rice Farming Along the Lower Cape Fear River as a Cultural Heritage and as Extensive Fish and Shellfish Habitat
  • April 1st – ***Special location – we will meet his month at Wild Bird & Garden (3501 Oleander Dr.). Pancakes at 8am and the seminar will follow. Our speakers will be Charley Winterbauer & Jill Peluses and their topic is Bird Friendly Habitat.
  • May 6th – Fritz Rohde and Peter Perschbacher, Fishes of the lower Cape Fear River – the good, bad, and ugly
  • June 3rd – Larry Cahoon, Dirty secrets of water pollution: What the public isn’t told
  • July 1st – Kemp Burdette, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations Update

  • August 5th – Bill Hunt, Green Stormwater Infrastructure & Ecosystem Services
  • September 2nd – Roger Shew, Coastal Zone Storm Hazards and Comparison of Hurricanes Matthew and Floyd
  • October 7th – Dennis Markatos-Soriano and Kathryn Zeringue, East Coast River Relay
  • November 4th – Philip Gerard, his topic will be the role of the writer in addressing the environment—how to educate and advocate through stories without putting people off
  • December 2nd -Park Hearty, his topic is: In search of our future past – CO2 , warm interglacials, and global sea level changes.2018
  • January 6, 2018 – No speaker due to Striper Forum on Saturday January 13th

  • February 3, 2018 – Kate Cartome and her topic will be: Native Plants.
  • March 3, 2018 – Madi Polera and her topic will be: Microcystis update

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