Tag-and-Release Tournament Winners

StriperFest 2016
Tag & Release
Tournament Winners

Thank you to our Wounded Warrior boat ~ servicemen Kevin Hulin & Jacob Greenlief guided by Jim Sabella

Senior Angler Winner ~ with a 25.5″ Striped Bass ~  Harold Eichenholz guided by Allen Cain

Largest Striper of the Tournament Winner  ~ with a 26 5/8″ Striped Bass ~  Nathan Edwards guided by Seth Vernon

Aggregate of Two Biggest Stripers ~ with a 52″ team total ~ Tom Roper & Sam Morgan guided by Judson Brock

StriperFest 2016 Team Champions ~  with 15 Tagged Stripers ~ Alan Held & Grover Canady guided by Jason Dail

2015 Tagged Bass Winner – We auction off sonic tag numbers at our Auction and Banquet each year!  The first fish over Lock & Dam #1 wins half the money raised from the tag sales and bragging rights for a year! Congratulations to Tagged bass #12 for making it over the dam first this year and fo to Ted Poucher on his win!

2016 Winner – We sure hope its YOU! TBA


Why tag & release?

Our tag & release tournament gives us valuable information on the stocks and the movements of the striped bass stock in the Cape Fear River.  Data is collected on every fish caught and sonic tags are inserted into striped bass.  These tags enable us to monitor the movements of the fish year round.   Tags are auctioned off to winning bidders each year at our Banquet and the first fish to pass Lock & Dam #1 Wins!

Calling all Anglers!
We are looking for anglers for StriperFest 2016 in January of 2016! Join some of the best Captains in our area and fish for a wonderful cause! If you are interested in fishing in StriperFest 201 – please email Jot Owens at captainjot@yahoo.com.